A Visioning Weekend

I am now back in Vancouver after travels that took me to Portland, Breitenbush, Amsterdam, Berlin, Toronto, and Smiths Falls, Ontario.  I am still processing the experiences and encounters I had, and the memories I made.

One persistent theme I heard at Breitenbush in conversations concerned the sense that we are on the cusp – or, indeed, already experiencing – a transformation of planetary consciousness.  Radical Faeries are a tribe made up of sensitive shamans and perceptive prophets, and many of us can now clearly discern the seeds spurring the growth of this transformation:

  • The seemingly intractable biocide placing life on Earth at risk;
  • The failure of our economic and political systems to satisfy human need and want, while succeeding admirably at entrenching inequality, hegemony, militarism, and unsustainablity;
  • The collapse of organised religion and other cultural institutions as a venue through which to transcend the material and discover the vibrancy of light, life, and love lying at the core of creation.

These informal conversations found collective voice in the Occupy Faeries discussion led by Stardust during the gathering, but they also found voice in a workshop that looked at living in the transformation by establishing intentional community in British Columbia.  This would be a household living out the values of sustainability, sanctuary, and subject-subject consciousness so lacking in our society right now.

Present for the workshop were marmot, Lance Hansen, Tulip, Scotty Dog, Wiggletoes, Chris Pallett, Raspberry, and Rosario.  But we all know that the net could be cast much more broadly from our conversations with others, as well as those who follow our blogsite for intentional Radical Faerie Community in British Columbia – https://bcfaeriecommunity.wordpress.com/.  And so I’m forwarding this to all whom I know who are seriously interested in manifesting this vision.  I would urge any of you receiving this to forward it to others similarly moved.

Scotty Dog proved an incredibly rich resource for exploring the nuts and bolts of making cohabitation happen.  He shared with us the story of Songaia, an intentional community sharing similar values operating out of Bothell, Washington (http://www.songaia.com/).  He also shared with us the groundbreaking work of Diana Leafe Christian (http://www.dianaleafechristian.org/) on establishing intentional community, through her books Finding Community and Creating a Life Together (the latter which I bought at last year’s BCRFC auction).

Originally, I had envisioned a rural sanctuary, along the lines of Wolf Creek, Zuni Mountain, or Short Mountain – a commune with a core residency, but generally functioning as a place for sanctuary, through gatherings and individual retreats.  But conversations have been tending towards the idea of shared housing in an urban or semi-urban setting.  In this model, we would have a common house, kitchen(s), workshops, and studios.  We would share management of the structures and the land using a model of permaculture.  We agreed that those interested in participating would need to bring passion, skills, and – yes – money to the table (Scotty Dog mentioned that Terry Cavanagh [sp?] would be a good person to talk to about money).

Scotty Dog suggested that we mount a visioning weekend to discuss the essentials of creating community:  money, sustainability, locale, people, ground rules.  We can also discuss deeper, more philosophical issues, such as:

  • What would make this a specifically Radical Faerie community?  What is involved in cohabiting in a male-loving-male environment?
  • How open do we want the community?  Do we want it to be sanctuary, in the traditional, Faerie sense of the word?  Do we want to have gatherings there?
  • What is the spirituality of property ownership?

If this interests you, please email me at sookehills@gmail.com, and I will forward you a link with proposed dates for a vision weekend in April, May, or early June.  If you are interested in pursuing this discussion, please respond there by next Friday, March 23.  These will be two, six hour sessions, with breaks for lunch and refreshment.  Please note that the vision weekend is not going to be a continuation of “wouldn’t it be nice?” dreaming, but a hard-headed, clear-eyed focussed discussion on what we need to do to make it happen.  By participating in this circle, you are signalling your commitment to make intentional community a part of your future.  Please send along your suggestions in crafting an agenda for the weekend.

As we discussed this sacred project at Breitenbush, I noticed a framed quote from Jack Kerouac hanging on the wall of the Forest Sanctuary.  It read:  “The vision of the freedom of eternity was mine forever.”  May we be guided by this, and other visions as we work and play together in realising the transformation that is ours to behold and to model.

Blessings, marmot


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